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This website is currently under construction, however, over the next couple of months OTL will be bringing you a wide range of quality, unique, and imported hair and fashion accessories specifically for the South African motorcycle enthusiast.

For the time being here's a taste of what's to come! You grow your hair long for a reason. You love the way it looks and feels while riding, it’s how it feels at the end of the ride that you can’t stand. So protect it with the world renown Hair Glove®, the cost-effective Coverz™ or the ultimate Headdress™!


No pastime or activity integrates style, function and accessorizing like that of motorcycling. In a recreation where image isn’t everything it;s the only thing, generation honoured traditions have more than withstood the test of time.

Hair Glove® accessories combine time honoured style considerations with functional benefits for healthy, attractive hair. The Hair Glove® range of products include the first ever unisex hair essentials designed for both men and women, motorcycle riders and motorcycle passengers, with ponytail length hair. Our products combine function and style in a variety of affordable cycle designs that appeal to everyone from the every day biker to the weekend riding enthusiast.


The Hair Glove® PREVENTS KNOTTING AND TANGLING while keeping hair protected from exhaust, dirt, dust and other damaging elements. Our patented built-in Flex-Hook™ keeps the Hair Glove® from sliding out all speeds and activities while the cylindrical design provides a sleek and stylish look to the person wearing it. Simply hook it, wrap it, snap it and go! They are available in a variety of lengths, colours, materials and designs that perfectly compliment all kinds of motorcycle clothes such as jackets, chaps, boots and belts, giving you the look you desire and the comfort you deserve. As you roll the throttle and lean through the curves you no longer have to deal with unsightly cheap barrettes, pinching metal-bound elastics or that snarl combing torture of dirty hair once you reach your destination.


Coverz™ are truly a separate and distinct product line altogether. Their conventional function and traditional appearance results in broad customer appeal. Most importantly, Coverz™ utility and ease of application provide an ideal solution to tastefully hiding that unsightly ponytail elastic. These ponytail holder covers provide an optimal price point and superior value compared to similar hair accessories including the dated, passe and sliding scrunchie. Coverz™ are not only a riding experience necessity but an enthusiast’s everyday hair wear essential.


The Headdress™ is an ornamented leather fringe that is interchangeable with the world renown Hair Glove® and also prevents knots and tangles, while it tastefully adorns the ponytail and keeps the fringe from becoming entangled in the hair, which similar products are known to do. Made of the finest leather and decorative products available, the lightweight Headdress™ attaches via two extra snaps on the back of a modified version of the Head Glove®. Best of all, each Headdress™ snap-on fringe is available as a separate so you can change designs without having to buy a whole new accessory, making it the best value in the marketplace!


For more information on any of our products please email us on info@otl.co.za or use the contact numbers below.

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